Friday, July 22, 2005


So I am at home, it is freezing here, and I am sick again. Blah sucks! I am tired, I think I will be heading to bed after the movie gets off. I am so glad I am leaving that room at school, it was getting real bad towards the end. Didn't wanna say anything till I was outta there but I learned that Anna was doing drugs, and it wasn't like it was just pot or anything that seems "normal" even though doing drugs is not normal in anyway, maybe I mean like more common would be better to say, but anyways she was doing/dealing Ectasy prolly didn't spell that right. But anyways on my last day she asked Meghaan if she wanted some and Meghaan was like "I don't do drugs" I think though eventually it will lead to Anna pressuring live im Meghaan into doing it but yet it will still be her choice but I just am glad to get out of there before anything major went down and stuff. I just am really glad to be out of that room. Anyways on to other matters.
So I only have one more exam to take, I am pretty sure I'll do Amateur blowjobs decent on it. I am really happy at this moment, although I got a B on my English exam, I got a C+ on my fundamentals exam, therefore I passed the class with a C+ Yes! I know you are thinking, it is a C, that's pathetic but when I seriously thought I was gonna fail, it made me soooooo happy, next term though I am determine to recieve all A's.